'Dream' Sterling Silver Bracelet

Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd

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'Dream' Sterling Silver Bracelet

"Follow your dreams without hesitation and everything will fall into place."  This elegant sterling silver bracelet features our exclusive handcrafted Dream charm. Bracelet Made in Italy.  This stunning sterling silver bracelet will be a beautiful inspirational reminder every time you look at your wrist to follow your dreams.  One end of the bracelet conveniently unscrews allowing you to add new inspirational charms.

About the designer:

Antonio Marsocci , Founder & Designer of Think Positive
“Using my knowledge and expertise in professional coaching practices, as well as the reasonable amount of experience I have in the fashion industry, I designed the Think Positive Silver Jewellery line to convey just one message: Think Positive! If you choose to continuously nurture the ability of thinking positively, it won’t be long before you change your life completely, and my thoughtful pieces are a humble reminder of that fact. The pieces are exclusively designed keeping the wearer in mind, helping them make a statement about their attitude towards life. Often, we don’t realize how much of an impact our everyday lifestyle can have on us, and we tend to forget about the real things that matter. I intend to make optimism an everyday reality for everyone, which is the main purpose behind the creation of the Think Positive line of Silver Jewellery.” Antonio Marsocci.

Our sterling embellishments are manufactured in our exclusive workshops, with the help of state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified craftsmen. We only make our products available for sale after they have gone through a strict and diligent quality control process, and only use the finest raw material for manufacturing. Our Hallmark is the sign of quality, and all our products are stamped precious metals, that signify true class. 

Wearing the Think Positive sterling jewelry designs is a constant and helpful reminder of a healthy and positive outlook on life. Success can only be achieved with perseverance and the right outlook, and Antonio is a living proof of that fact. 
“Sterling Silver is the purest and simplest metal that has a unique charm, just like life, it increases with age.”

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