Quotes to Live By - You are significant

Quotes to Live By - You are significant

You may think that you are completely insignificant in this world.  But someone drinks coffee from the favorite cup that you gave them.  Someone heard a song on the radio that reminded them of you.  Someone read the book that you recommended, and plunged headfirst into it.  Someone smiled after a hard day's work, because they remembered the joke that you told them today.  Someone loves themself a little bit more, because you gave them a compliment.  Never think that you have no influence whatsoever.  Your trace, which you leave behind with every good deed, cannot be erased.
- Unknown
I wanted to share this quote today because I think it's important to remember how significant each of us are.  Sometimes we feel like because we don't do BIG things or make a MASSIVE change or impact that we are less significant than others we may see.  The truth is you are extremely important and significant to everyone you come in contact with.  Every smile, every kind word and action all makes a difference in other people's lives.  
There are so many things I use on a daily basis that were gifted to me, and I think of that person every time I use it.  There are words of advice that I remember from the past when I'm having a bad day from people that lift up my spirit.  Or something nice that someone once complemented me on that boosted my confidence.
We all have the power to be significant in a positive way in other people's lives.  So many people have such significance in mine.  We all have those people, and we need to remember how much we may be significant to someone else.
Remember this whenever you feel like you're not.

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I found your comment while researching something that God said. It is much like Gandi said. Thank you for helping me to clear it up.


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