Quotes to Live By - The trick is, know who you are and what makes you happy

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"The trick is that as long as you know who you area and what makes you happy, it doesn't matter how others see you."
-Wendy Mass
What makes you happy? 
Can you answer that question? And if you can, are you doing those things that make you happy?  Life gets busy, I know it's hard to always be doing something that you enjoy and that makes you happy, but you have to find time for it.  When we don't find time for the things that make us happy, we get drained emotionally and we start to build up negative emotions.  Everything we feel on the inside, tends to get projected on the outside.  So when you aren't really happy, it makes other people feel unhappy to be around you.
On another note, when you are truly happy, you won't care about other's options of you, and any negative comments about you will roll off your shoulders.  You know who you are and that you're happy and that is all that matters.  
People tend to think that focusing on their own happiness can be selfish.  It's not.  Prioritize doing some things every week that you enjoy.  It will make you feel more fulfilled.  When we are happy and fulfilled we are like a magnet to other people and we treat others better.  

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