Quotes to Live By - The one who fails and gets up is stronger

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"The one who fails and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell."
Think about your life for a moment.  What events in your life have you learned your greatest lessons?  What has made you stronger and braver?  Was it when everything went your way, with no struggle?  Or was it in the moments when you struggled to get through, that you were hurt or that you failed and got back up?
If you're like me, and most people, it's the moments that were hard that you learned the most.  I don't look at failure or pain as a negative.  It may not be ideal or something that you want while you are going through it. But in perspective it is in those moments of pain or struggle that we learn our greatest lessons and that we grow as humans.  I think pain develops our courage and that you need to fail and get back up in order to build on being more brave in the next situation you face. 
So don't stop taking chances, and don't fear making mistakes.  It's how we all grow.  Keep keeping on.

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