Quotes to Live By - The Key to Prayer is to Forget What I Think I Need

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"The key to prayer is to forget what I think I need"
- Gabrielle Bernstein
I found this quote in a deck of cards that I bought from one of the inspirational authors I follow, Gabby Bernstein.  I thought it was an important reminder to me, and I wanted to share it as well.  It is a reminder to surrender to a power greater than yourself.
I'm not sure what your religious or spiritual background may be, but regardless this is something we can all learn from and practice.  When we pray and think we should have a specific outcome, we are trying to be in control and we assume that we know what is best for us.  We aren't allowing the Universe, or God, etc. - our higher power - to step in and guide us for what is best in our life and everyone involved.  When we ask for specifics, we become obsessed with control and frustrated when things don't work out the way we wanted.
It is important to have a vision or goal of what you want, but when you ask for it, you also have to release it and ask for what is best for you.  Something like, 
Thank you God for everything in my life, I am asking for you to please let this new company give me the job offer, but I understand this might not be what is best.  So, I pray for the greatest good for myself and all, and trust you are leading me where I am meant to be.  
In this way, we ask for what we want, but we also acknowledge that it might not be what is best for us.  We release it to our higher power because what is best for everyone involved is meant to happen.  When we pray and think this way, it releases a weight off our shoulders.  It reminds us that we are not always in total control and that what we think we need may not be what is best for us.
Have faith, let go, relax and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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