Quotes to Live By - The greatest part isn't arriving at your destination

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"Because the greatest part of a road trip isn't arriving at your destination.  It's all the wild stuff that happens along the way."  - Emma Chase
If you think about your own life experiences, I'm sure you still have stories that you talk about with your friends and family about the journey to where ever you were traveling.  Some great memories happen on our way to the destination.  I wanted to pick this quote this week to use it as an analogy to our lives with focusing on the end result vs. the process or the journey to get there.
Our lives are so fast-paced at times that we tend to only focus on the end result and we can't wait to get there.  Not paying much attention to anything along the way, or not enjoying the process on the way there.  Once we arrive to that end point, we think that by achieving that alone will make everything great and that our lives will change. But thinking like this will leave us constantly chasing the next best thing.  One after another and never being satisfied.  The reason is because that view of life is flawed.  We can't always be obsessed with the end result.  Life is really about the process.  If we can take time to enjoy our process and journey to arriving at the end result, it makes it more satisfying.  It's in the process that we grow; we learn, we think, we create.  The process is the point.  If we are only interested in the results we defeat the purpose.

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