Quotes to Live By - Focus on your plate

Quotes to Live By - Focus on your plate

Maybe you think someone doesn't' have a lot on their plate compared to you.
But maybe their plate is smaller than yours and doesn't have a lot of room to begin with.
Or maybe their plate is paper, and their flimsy paper plate can't hold as much as your sturdy ceramic plate can. - Amanda Lynn Burkhart
** edited 6/29/21 to credit author of the quote.  At the time of video posting, I could not find the author so they are not mentioned in the actual video.
I think this is a perfect analogy to explain how different each of our lives are.  We all come from different backgrounds, we each have our own experiences, unique strengths and also weaknesses.
It's really all relative.  We cannot compare our situation to others, nor judge someone for how they handle their situations or life.  We can only focus on how we carry our own plate.
When we try to compare our plate to others, or what I really mean is if we try to do like others do, we lose sight of our true desires and needs.  We end up following the wrong path; someone else's path, and we end up not pursuing what we really want and are happy doing in life.

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Hi! I’m glad this quote impacted you. I wrote it April 19, 2019. I never knew so many people passed it around until today.

Amanda Burkhart

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