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Posted by Lauren Eyer

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."
A simple kind gesture like a smile, or a hello, or a compliment goes a long way.  Most days, we go through the day and don't think much of the interactions we have with people.  Life is hard, and we all have bad days.  Days we wonder if anyone really cares how we feel.  So perhaps we need to remember that more often, because everyone feels like that. We all have things we're fighting for, struggling for, things we're worried about, things that broke our hearts.  Even the people you think have it all, who seem to be the happiest even have battles they face.  Let's challenge ourselves to be a little kinder knowing that we're all going through this; day in, and day out.  Why not be a light in someone's day rather than pull them down further?  Life is hard enough as it is, so there's no need to pull eachother down.
I love the quote from Maya Angelou, where she says that people may forget what you say or do, but they'll never forget how you made them feel.  We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.  It's a simple way to live.  To treat others how you want to be treated.  When we leave this world, many of us will have accomplished a lot, but people don't usually remember what we accomplished.  They remember the kind of person you were and how you treated them.  In the end, how we treat others is what is remembered, and what is most important.
So try to be kind today, and every day.  You don't know who you will lift up, whose day you will make, or whose life you will literally save just by being a kind person.  Showing people they're noticed, they matter, and they're worthy of some kindness.

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