Quotes to Live By - your only dependable power

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"The only dependable power available to any human being... the power of their own thoughts.  The only power they may control and rely upon."

-Napoleon Hill

 This is a very important lesson to learn about life. It is the key to your happiness. This is the only power you can control and rely upon. The only person in control of how you feel is you. The only person in control of change in yourself is you. You control whether to look at a situation negatively or positively. You control your attitude. So often we think we can change other people, but we can only truly change ourselves and the way we see each situation in our minds. It is not easy to do at times, but through daily habits of positive thoughts, affirmations, personal development and positive growth in yourself, you will start to feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings and not so much a victim to the what life may throw at you and the actions of other people.

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