Quotes to Live By - facing fear

Quotes to Live By - facing fear

"Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free."
-Robert Tew
Whether it's pursuing a dream, facing something in a relationship or your past, facing a fear is very hard to do.  The thing is that our fears are only as deep as the mind allows them to be and once we take that initial step to face a fear and overcome it, we realize that it really isn't as bad as we imagined.  Life will always be full of disappointments, failures and setbacks but these can never permanently stop us.  There is nothing more powerful than our mind and with the determination and desire to do whatever you have in your heart you can achieve it.

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Lauren ~ How beautiful! Your thoughts, looks, and inspiring words, can only give the lonely and frustrated individuals who need a boast and positive initiative, to change their attitude and take the plunge! Your positive outlook will be an inspiration to many! I am so proud of you?, Love you always!

Mom Mom

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