Quotes to Live By- you are significant

"Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant.  There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give."
- unknown
Sometimes we go through periods of our lives where we don't feel like we're very significant, or we don't feel like we're contributing much to the world.  we're searching for our core purpose and our "tribe" of people, or our circle of friends and family, who make us feel significant or worth something in this world.  Just know that life is a journey.  You may not be placed into the best circle of people from the start, and it's your journey of self-discovery to find those people who you're meant to be around, or to find the work you feel significant doing.  Not everyone comes from the same background as us, and they may not be able to relate to us the way we need them to.  It doesn't mean that they don't care, but they may not be the right person you need at the moment.  When you find your tribe of people you love to be around, you will feel like you belong, that you can relate.  They lift you up, they understand you and you will feel significant.  Same goes for what you do for work.  When you find something that lights you up inside, you will feel like you're doing something worth your time.  That you're contributing for something good for others.  If you haven't found it yet, that's OK.  Just don't give up.  Keep going and know there are so many people that need what you have to offer.  We're all unique and we all have our own strengths.

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