Quotes to Live By - Happiness is an inside job

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"Happiness is an inside job.  Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life."
- Mandy Hale
For this episdoe of "Quotes to Live By" I wanted to focus on happiness.  Too often lately I've been hearing people say "I'll be happy when..." something happens.  The truth is that happiness is a choice we must all make for ourselves.  We choose whether or not to be happy at any given moment.  It is a state of mind we hold for ourselves.  It is not something that external influences can fix for a long period of time, nor should we allow external influences have power over our happiness.  If you're someone who is saying you'll be happy when a specific thing happens, the honest truth is that you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.  I've been there.  I can certainly relate to those thoughts, as well as the feeling of disappointment when something doesn't happen.  Or worse yet, when it does happen, yet I'm not even happy or fulfilled by it.  
Happiness doesn't come from our boyfriends or girlfriends, or parents or friends.  It isn't found in the things we have.  It really is something that comes from within.  When you can find your internal happiness, nothing will knock you down.  Your perspective will change and you will find yourself overwhelmingly happy overall in life.
To find it, we must work on ourselves from within.  Do things that make your heart happy.  Don't do what you think others think you should do.  Don't put the weight of your happiness on someone else's shoulders thinking they'll be able to fix you.  Practice gratitude.  Love yourself.
I hope this helps you today, whether it just serves as a reminder, or helps you jump start your journey to finding your personal happiness.  If you need guidance, don't hesitate to email me or post a comment below.
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