Gratitude Challenge Day #9 - Giving Thanks for Your Food

Gratitude Challenge Day #9 - Giving Thanks for Your Food

Welcome to day 9 of our Gratitude Challenge!  You're doing a great job if you're sticking with this!  I know it's a little bit of effort to make this a habit, but you should be starting to feel really good and a sense of a little bit more happiness and control in your life by practicing gratitude every day so far!

Today is a very simple challenge.  We are going to reintroduce the concept of being grateful for the food and drink you consume every day.  This is probably nothing new, and if you do say a prayer or give thanks before you eat a meal, then great, keep doing it!  But make sure you really FEEL grateful for the food and drink you have.  Giving thanks before you eat is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

Without food and water, we wouldn't be able to function or survive.  It is escesntual for us to eat and drink, and we should be grateful to have it.  In order to feel the most grateful for your food, take a moment to think about where you food comes from and the whole process that needs to happen in order for it to reach your plate.


Fresh fruit and vegetables need lots of care from farmers and growers.  They require the right about of nutrients to grow.  They also need to be picked and packed by people, then loaded on trucks to get delivered to the market or grocery store.  These are all different people that do important jobs that you should be grateful for so that you can eat a delicious fruit or veggie.  If you eat meat, the same care goes into the meat, poultry, and fish you purchase.  

If you go out to eat and get to enjoy the luxury of having someone else prepare a delicious meal for you.  First, be thankful that you can afford the luxury of even going out to eat.  Second, be thankful for the cooks and chefs preparing your meal for you.

Food is a gift of nature, and there wouldn't be anything for us to eat or survive on if nature didn't create this food for us.  So digging down even deeper, we should also be grateful for nature creating food for us to consume and nourish our bodies.  

Hopefully you're starting to understand the concept of gratitude by my flow of thought here and how there is so much you can be grateful for every day, and you can continue to dig deeper and deeper to find more and more things to be grateful for.

So today, your challenge is to remember before you go eat something to say THANK YOU for your food or drink.  Being grateful for the simplest things in life, like food and water, is one of the deepest expressions of gratitude, and when you can feel that degree of gratitude you will see amazing things happen in your life.


Your checklist for today:

1. Make your gratitude list of 10 things you are grateful for and why you're grateful for it.  Remember to read your list and after each item say thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. Before you eat or drink anything today, practice saying thank you for everything you consume.

3.Before you go to sleep tonight, pick up your gratitude object and think about all the good things that happened in your day today.  Pick the best one and say THANK YOU!

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