Gratitude Challenge Day #6 - Magic Money

Gratitude Challenge Day #6 - Magic Money

Gratitude is riches.  Complaint is poverty.
Christian Science Hymnal
The subject of money is always touchy with people.  So many of us are fearful of talking about money.  We know the law of attraction applies to everything in life, so the same concept is true for money.  Any feelings of envy, jealousy, worry, or disappointment will never  bring more money into our lives.  Those are negative associations with money and negative brings negative experiences.  We need to be grateful for our money, as little as we may have, in order to attract more in the future.
I know this concept with money may sound strange, and feeling grateful for money when you don't have much is challenging for anyone.  When you start to understand that nothing in our lives change without gratitude, then you'll also be inspired to apply gratitude towards money regardless of the amount.
If you observe people, you'll notice that the rich never seem to get uncomfortable talking about money.  They're not fearful of it or ashamed to talk about it.  It's part of their lives and they always seem to attract more.  Those of us who have grown up not being told much about money, or discussing it in a positive light seem to be the ones who struggle.  
Well, we all have a chance at money being attracted to us,  we just have to be open to receiving it and grateful for what we have already been given!
Today's exercise is about visualizing.  No matter your current money situation, get it out of your mind, and feel grateful for any little bit you have now.  Think back to when you were younger and didn't have an income making money yourself.  When you think back, things were just paid for, for you.  As you member back, you'll realize how many things you received that we either money, or cost someone else their hard-earned money.  Think back through some specific times you remember and say "thank you".
Did you always have food to eat?
Did you get an education?
Did you go on any trips or vacations when you were a kid?
Did you have toys or a pet?
Did you have clothes?
Did you go to the doctors for checkups?
Did you watch TV, or have a phone?
All of those things cost money and we need to be grateful even for the necessities.  Be grateful for every single instand and memory because when you feel gratitude for any of these things you've received in the past you'll be attracting more money to you in the future!  This is guaranteed by the universal law.  We just need to remember to practice this gratitude regularly.
The last step of this money exercise is to find a $1 bill.  Put a sticker on the dollar bill, or clip a piece of paper to it in which you'll write "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I'VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE".
Take this dollar bill with you; put in in your wallet, your purse, your pocket.  As many times as you get, take out the dollar bill and read the words you wrote and feel truly grateful.
You never know exactly when you'll receive money in the future, but people that practice gratitude for money receive unexpected cash or checks, receive discounts, or other things that would normally have cost them money.  Make a promise to yourself that whenever you receive any money, whether it's your paycheck from work, a discount or something that someone gives you that cost money, you will be truly grateful for it.
Your checklist for today:
After this exercise remember to also
1. write the 10 things down you are thankful for and why  Gratitude List Worksheet
2. pick up your gratitude object before you go to sleep and think about the good things that happened to you today.  Pick the BEST thing that happened and say "thank you"

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