Gratitude Challenge Day 18 - Getting your To-Do list done for you

Posted by Lauren Eyer

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.  Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
- Roald Dahl
Gratitude is like your best friend.  It is always there for you, always available to help, and it will never fail or let you down.  The more you use it, the more it will do for you.  You can use it for every little thing that comes up in life.
Every day we have problems come up that need to be solved.  Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed if we don't know the best solution.  Today, we're going to practice writing a To-Do list with gratitude in order to help you with day-to-day problems.  When you combine gratitude with the law of attraction, people and events must be rearranged to do what you want.  You won't know how it will happen, but that's not your job.  you just need to be as grateful as you can be for what you want done as though it were already done for you.
Take some time to sit down and write your to-do list for today.  List the most important things you would like to be done for you, or even problems you want to be solved.  Some people write the things down that they don't want to do, or don't think they'll have time to do.  When you list is complete, choose just 3 things to focus on today.  One at a time, imagine each item being done for you.  Imagine all the people, circumstances and events that have taken place to do this task for you.  Imagine it is now all solved and done!  Spend some time on each item visualizing it being done for you and feeling a huge amount of gratitude for everyone and everything getting it done for you.
Since like attracts like, when you are grateful for the solutions as though they've been found and solved, you will attract everything needed to resolve the situation.  Be a magnet for the solution!
This past summer I was loading groceries into the kitchen, and as I was going in and out of the door to the garage, I left the door open and my husky ran outside towards the street.  I dropped everything and ran out to stop him before he took off any further.  The next day, I was heading out to work and realized I didn't have my wallet.  I thought maybe I dropped it outside when I ran out to get my dog.  I searched everywhere and it was nowhere to be found.  I called the grocery store and stopped in again later that day.  I knew I had my wallet while I was there so I didn't know where else it could be.  I searched my car, my boyfriend's car and all over the house and in the yard... nothing!  Because I practice the power of gratitude daily, I visualized my wallet being found and back in my hands.  I sent it out there to God or the universe to find it for me and just let it go.  A couple days went by and I was monitoring my credit cards, and nothing was charged.  I was ready to cancel my cards so they could issue me new ones just to be safe.  I had just read an article on Facebook about hidden Facebook messages that may not come up on your inbox because you're not friends with someone, so I went into the messenger and followed what the instructions were to see the "blocked" messages, and to my surprise I had a message from a guy who found my wallet!  I sent him a message back, and here, his mother lives a few houses down from me and she was holding onto my wallet.  The reason they didn't drop it off at my current house was because my license wasn't up-to-date since I had just moved so he found me on Facebook and got in touch with me that way.  He found the wallet on a major road about 3 miles away from my house.  It's stuff like this that makes you truly believe in the power of the universe and things being attracted to you.  The world is still full of good and magic.  We all have the power for this to happen for us.  We just need to visualize it happening, believe it will, and then  
Your checklist for today:
1.  Make your list of 10 things you are grateful for and why.  Remember to read each item on your list and say thank you after each one 3 times.
2.  Make your To-Do list.  Pick your top 3 items you want to have done for you today. Visualize them happening for you and be truly grateful for all the events that took place and people who made it happen for you.
3.  Before you go to sleep tonight, pick up your gratitude object and think about all the awesome things that happened to you today.  Pick the best one and say thank you!

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