Gratitude Challenge Day #15 - Having the BEST DAY EVER

Posted by Lauren Eyer

Start each day with a grateful heart
To have the best day ever, it really is simple.  It all starts with your mindset, and it takes just a few minutes at the beginning of your day.  You just think through your day before you live it, and say the words "thank you" for each day and events before it starts.  It is SO easy to do and it only takes a few minuets, but it can make a big difference eon how your day plays out.
Give thanks for all the experiences in your day going well.  Give thanks for being favored in all outcomes.
If you're having a hard time believing this works, thank about days where you may have woke up in a bad mood.  You probably had one thing after another go wrong.  And that was not an accident.  The reason you had a bad day was because you carried your bad mood with you.  And waking up in a bad mood in the first placed wasn't just by chance either.  It's because you went to sleep thinking negatively ab out something.  This is why we do the gratitude object practice before bed every night (Gratitude Object).
The combo of you night routine and now with being thankful for your day ahead will guarantee that you feel good before you go out for your day.  
When you wake up, think through your agenda or plans for the day and say "thank you" and think about each plan going well before you actually live it.  If you write a to-do list, you can grab that and go through your list and be grateful for each time on your list going well.
Here are some examples of how I start my day:
Thank you for my meeting going really well today.
Thank you for my get-together with friends being one of the best times ever!
Thank you for me feeling awesome and having a great workout.
Whatever your plans are for the day; big or small.  Say thank you for the good outcome before you actually do that particular plan.  After you go through your day, always add one more, and say Thank you for the amazing news or surprise coming to me today!
That's it!  That's not too hard to start your morning out that way.
Here's your checklist for today:
2.  Start the day off by saying thank you for all the events of your day going exceptionally well before you start.
3.  Before bed, grab your gratitude object and think through your day about all the good things that happened.  Pick the BEST thing that happened and say thank you!

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