Gratitude Challenge Day #14 - May all your wishes come true

Gratitude Challenge Day #14 - May all your wishes come true

Welcome to day #14 of the Gratitude Challenge!  I'm excited for you if you're here and especially if you've been following the challenge every day since day 1.   You should be proud because you've really started to build a solid foundation by practicing gratitude for everything you have and continue to receive in your life, and will continue to change your life to make it happier.

Today I'm excited because we're now going to start to practice gratitude for achieving our desires and dreams!  Throughout history, hundreds of cultures have given thanks for what they want before they actually receive it.  The Native Americans and Aborigines perform rain dances to summon rain.  African tribes have ceremonies for food before the hunt.  The very nature of prayer in every religion is to give thanks and be grateful before having received what is desired.

Because we're following the law of attraction; like attracts like.  This means you need to form in your mind a likeness, or an i age of what you want.  Then, to attract it to you, you have to feel like it is already yours.  The best way to create that image and feeling is through gratitude.  You need to feel grateful for what it is that you want before you have it.  This may sound strange to you now, and it may take some practice in order to feel like you have something already before you actually do, but I promise with daily practice you'll start to think and pray this way.  Since I've been practicing gratitude every day, I start every prayer or thanks for what I want before I actually have received it.  Trust me, it becomes much easier the more you do it.

Whoever has gratitude will be given more,  and he or she will have an abundance

Through the act of being sincerely grateful for receiving something beforehand, you form an image of it in your mind that you actually have it.  If you continue to hold on to that feeling - that you have what you desire - you will receive it.  We don't know how we'll receive it, but that's not our job to figure out.  Just trust in the process and power of gratitude working with the law of attraction.

What do you want?

My first post for this challenge I wrote about listing your dreams and desires out by life categories.  Find your list now and pick your top 10 desires (no more than 10) from your list.  If you don't have 10, that's OK, pick as many as you have.  Sit down and write a separate list of your top desires, but as though as you've already received them.  How you do this is by saying THANK YOU three times for what you desire.

For example:

thank you, thank you, thank you for doubling our sales figures this month!

thank you, thank you, thank you for my perfect partner!

thank you, thank you, thank you for the medical results that show I'm all clear and 100% healthy again!

The reason why we write "thank you" three times in a row is because it prevents you from throwing the words away, and increases your focus on gratitude.  

After you've written your thank you list like the examples above, the second step is to saturate your desires with more gratitude.  Go down your list one by one, and for each thing you wrote, mentally ask yourself the following questions and answer them:

1. What emotions did I feel when I received this desire?

2. Who was the first person I told when I received my desire?  How did I tell them about it?

3. What is the first great thing I did when I received my desire?


Another really great thing you can do to help you see and feel your desires every day is to create a dream board.  You can hang it somewhere you see it every day.  Here's a picture of mine.  I have it hanging in my bedroom so I see it every morning when I wake up.

dream board


Your checklist for today:

1. Make your list of 10 things you are grateful for and why.  Remember to say "thank you" after you read each item on your list.

2.  Site down and write your list of top 10 desires.  Write "thank you" three times before each one, and though you've already received it.  Remember to reflect on each item on this list with the probing questions to help you visualize your desire more.

3.  Before you go to sleep, pick up your gratitude object and think about all the great things that happened to you today. Pick the best one and say THANK YOU!

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