Quotes to Live By - Doing your best

Posted by Lauren Eyer

A friendly reminder that "your best" doesn't mean pushing yourself to your breaking point.  "Your best" means the best you can do while being your best you.  Get enough sleep, give yourself breaks, listen to your limits.  "Your best' is better when you are happy and healthy.
A good reminder to stop beating yourself up over not meeting external expectations.  Sometimes in life, your best may not be good enough.  Or, maybe your best today is far from the best you can do.  But I'm here to tell you that it is OK.  Sometimes we are forced in circumstances that are beyond our control.  Sometimes we have a really bad day and our best that day just has to be good enough.  
We need to stop being so hard on ourselves, and pushing ourselves to a breaking point.  We need to find more balance.  That our best should be the best we can do WHILE ALSO being our best version of our self, as a whole.  A balance of doing our best, but also being healthy and not being miserable to achieve it.
In my video, I also mention about a past point I made on comparison.  I think it's worth a listen if you haven't seen it:  https://inspirationalgoods.com/blogs/live-inspired/quotes-to-live-by-focus-on-your-plate

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